Frequently Ask Questions – Seniors

1. Who can use the membership?

Your membership includes you, your spouse and all legal dependents.

2. What about customer support?

Our toll-free customer service number is 888 519 9355 if you have any questions. Your membership cards also have the direct phone numbers for all provider networks. Plus, you get a book with all the details for each benefit and online access to most all information. Based on your zip code, we even print the closest providers for handy reference in the back of your book. You can locate all providers in your area through our website.

3. Does this plan work with my insurance (Seniors not on Medicare)?

YES! This is not insurance but your membership saves you money on your out-of-pocket expenses. When you utilize the national provider networks, you can receive discounts on healthcare. You always have the option of paying for services and then submitting receipts for medical items toward your deductibles.

4. Does this plan work with Medicare?

The medication management service works with Medicare like any other pharmacy. So you should pay the same amount for your prescriptions with the medication management service as you do with any other pharmacy that accepts Medicare.

Medicare does not cover dental, vision or hearing aid benefits so this plan actually provides additional benefits that are not covered by Medicare.

5. When can I start using my benefits?

As soon as you receive your membership card and benefit book. Upon ordering, your membership materials are printed within 72 hours and mailed to your address. Typically, you will receive your information within 7 to 10 business days.

6. How do I use my benefits?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive your Membership Cards and Benefit Book detailing all of the benefits, how to use each benefit, and our toll free customer support number. For the medication management service, you must register to activate your account by going online or calling the toll-free number provided in your benefit book. For most other benefits, you just show your ID card to receive the discounts at the time of service.

7. How do I locate providers that are near me?

We print some of your local providers in the back of your benefit book based on your zip code for easy reference. The best way to see all providers near you is to go to our website and click on the type of provider you want to find (dental, vision, etc.). You’ll just need to include your zip code and how many miles around your zip code you want to search. You’ll then see a listing of all providers near you. You can also call 800 800 7616 and customer care will help you.

8. Can I use this plan in all states?

While this plan is not available to KS, VT or WA residents, it can be used in all states, subject to state regulation. The lab benefit is not available to HI, MA, MD, ND, NJ, NY, RI or SD residents. If have questions regarding these specific states, please call 817-953-3155.